List of ABS-CBN channels and stations

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This is a list of television and radio stations of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation.

All stations that are marked “Originating” have their own versions of TV Patrol, have local magazine shows targeted to farmers and/or fishermen, and a number of them have their own musical variety shows shown before ASAP ’07.

Also, it has been observed that the “Originating” stations have differences in foreign programming, probably due to separate television rights given to each. For example, at the time HANA KIMI THE ORIGINAL was premiered on the flagship station, the timeslot was still occupied by KAPAMILYA CINEMA on ABS-CBN BAGUIO TV-3. It was aired th next day just before Boy&Kris.

Branding Callsign Ch. # Station Type Location
ABS-CBN TV-2 Manila DWWX-TV TV-2 Originating Manila
ABS-CBN TV-7 Laoag DWRD-TV TV-7 Originating Laoag
ABS-CBN TV-3 Baguio DZRR-TV TV-3 Originating Baguio
ABS-CBN TV-3 Tuguegarao DWAF-TV TV-3 Relay**** Tuguegarao
ABS-CBN TV-2 Isabela DWAT-TV TV-2 Originating Isabela
ABS-CBN TV-12 Olongapo DWZT-TV TV-12 Relay**** Olongapo
ABS-CBN TV-10 Batangas DZAD-TV TV-10 Relay**** Batangas
ABS-CBN TV-11 Naga DZNC-TV TV-11 Originating Naga
ABS-CBN TV-4 Legaspi DZAE-TV TV-4 Relay**** Legaspi
ABS-CBN TV-10 Iloilo DYAF-TV TV-10 Originating Iloilo
ABS-CBN TV-4 Bacolod DYXL-TV TV-4 Originating Bacolod
ABS-CBN TV-3 Cebu DYCB-TV TV-3 Originating Cebu
ABS-CBN TV-12 Dumaguete DYMA-TV TV-12 Relay**** Dumaguete
ABS-CBN TV-2 Tacloban DYAB-TV TV-2 Originating Tacloban
ABS-CBN TV-3 Zamboanga DXLL-TV TV-3 Originating Zamboanga
ABS-CBN TV-2 Cagayan De Oro DXEC-TV TV-2 Originating Cagayan De Oro
ABS-CBN TV-4 Iligan DXAG-TV TV-4 Relay**** Iligan
ABS-CBN TV-4 Davao DXAS-TV TV-4 Originating Davao
ABS-CBN TV-3 General Santos DXZT-TV TV-3 Originating General Santos
ABS-CBN TV-11 Butuan DXAJ-TV TV-11 Originating Butuan
ABS-CBN TV-5 Cotabato DXAI-TV TV-5 Originating Cotabato

Relay stations

Branding Callsign Ch. # Station Type Location
ABS-CBN TV-11 Mt. Province D-11-ZZ TV-11 Relay Mt. Province
ABS-CBN TV-13 Botolan D-13-ZA TV-13 Relay Botolan, Zambales
ABS-CBN TV-10 Tabaco D-10-ZB TV-10 Relay Tabaco, Albay
ABS-CBN TV-9 Bohol D-13-YA TV-9 Relay Jagna, Bohol
ABS-CBN TV-2 Bukidnon D-2-XB TV-2 Relay Bukidnon

Affiliate stations

Branding Callsign Ch. # Station Type Location Affiliate Name
ABS-CBN TV-9 Sorsogon DWOL-TV TV-9 Affiliate Sorsogon Our Lady Foundation
ABS-CBN TV-10 Masbate DYME-TV TV-10 Affiliate Masbate Masbate Community Broadcasting Corporation
ABS-CBN TV-11 Catanduanes DWCP-TV TV-11 Affiliate Virac, Catanduanes Our Lady Foundation
ABS-CBN TV-7 Puerto Princesa DYPR-TV TV-7 Affiliate Puerto Princesa Palawan Broadcasting Corporation
ABS-CBN TV-7 Catbalogan DYRD-TV TV-7 Affiliate Catbalogan Sumuroy Broadcasting Corporation
ABS-CBN TV-10 Calbayog DYDI-TV TV-10 Affiliate Calbayog Calbayog Community Broadcasting Corporation
ABS-CBN TV-9 Pagadian DXLM-TV TV-9 Affiliate Pagadian Mindanao Institute of Technology-Radio & Television Network (MIT-RTVN)
ABS-CBN TV-7 Ozamis DXMT-TV TV-7 Affiliate Ozamis Mindanao Institute of Technology-Radio & Television Network (MIT-RTVN)
ABS-CBN TV-12 Surigao DXSJ-TV TV-12 Affiliate Surigao St. Jude Thaddeus Institute of Technology (SJTIT)
ABS-CBN TV-10 Jolo DXMM-TV TV-10 Affiliate Jolo, Sulu Sulu Tawi-Tawi Broadcasting Corporation

ABS-CBN UHF TV Network Stations

These UHF channels may carry either ABS-CBN or Studio 23.

Branding Callsign Ch. # Station Type Location
Studio 23 Manila DWAC-TV TV-23 Originating Manila**
Studio 23 Laoag DWLC-TV TV-23 Relay Station Laoag
ABS-CBN TV-32 Dagupan DWEC-TV TV-32 Originating Dagupan
Studio 23 Baguio DZRR-TV TV-30 Relay Station Baguio**
Studio 23 Isabela DWWA-TV TV-23 Relay Station Isabela
ABS-CBN TV-32 Cabanatuan DWTI-TV TV-32 Relay Station Cabanatuan**
ABS-CBN TV-32 Tarlac DWTC-TV TV-32 Relay Station Tarlac
ABS-CBN TV-22 Baler DZBA-TV TV-22 Relay Station Baler, Aurora
Studio 23 Botolan DWAM-TV TV-23 Relay Station Botolan, Zambales
Studio 23 Olongapo DWAS-TV TV-24 Relay Station Olongapo
ABS-CBN TV-46 Pampanga DWIN-TV TV-46 Relay**** San Fernando, Pampanga**
ABS-CBN TV-34 Bulacan DWBY-TV TV-34 Relay Station San Miguel, Bulacan**
ABS-CBN TV-40 Antipolo DWAR-TV TV-40 Relay Station Antipolo***
Studio 23 Batangas DWJR-TV TV-36 Relay Station Batangas
ABS-CBN TV-38 Lipa DWJA-TV TV-38 Relay Station Lipa
ABS-CBN TV-36 Lucena DWDW-TV TV-36 Relay**** Lucena
ABS-CBN TV-46 San Pablo DWLY-TV TV-46 Relay**** San Pablo**
Studio 23 Puerto Princesa DZEL-TV TV-23 Relay Station Puerto Princesa
Studio 23 Naga DWMC-TV TV-24 Relay Station Naga
ABS-CBN TV-23 Daet DWRC-TV TV-23 Relay Station Daet**
Studio 23 Legaspi DWRD-TV TV-23 Relay Station Legaspi***
Studio 23 Iloilo DYAJ-TV TV-38 Relay Station Iloilo**
ABS-CBN TV-23 Kalibo DYCG-TV TV-23 Relay**** Kalibo
ABS-CBN TV-21 Roxas DYRC-TV TV-21 Relay Station Roxas
Studio 23 Bacolod DYEC-TV TV-22 Relay Station Bacolod
Studio 23 Cebu DYAC-TV TV-23 Relay Station Cebu*
Studio 23 Bohol DYJN-TV TV-40 Relay Station Jagna, Bohol***
Studio 23 Dumaguete DYEL-TV TV-24 Relay Station Dumaguete
Studio 23 Tacloban DYTC-TV TV-24 Relay Station Tacloban***
Studio 23 Zamboanga DXFH-TV TV-23 Relay Station Zamboanga*
ABS-CBN TV-42 Dipolog DXMG-TV TV-42 Relay**** Dipolog
Studio 23 Pagadian DXAE-TV TV-24 Relay Station Pagadian
Studio 23 Cagayan De Oro DXEC-TV TV-23 Relay Station Cagayan De Oro*
Studio 23 Davao DXAB-TV TV-21 Relay Station Davao*
Studio 23 General Santos DXAC-TV TV-36 Relay Station General Santos*
ABS-CBN TV-24 Koronadal DXAR-TV TV-24 Relay Station Koronadal
Studio 23 Cotabato DXPS-TV TV-25 Relay Station Cotabato***
Studio 23 Iligan DXAM-TV TV-26 Relay Station Iligan*
Studio 23 Butuan DXBU-TV TV-22 Relay Station Butuan***
Studio 23 Surigao DXIT-TV TV-23 Relay Station Surigao***
  • Co-located with VHF TV Stations; **Owned by ABS-CBN; ***With pending application with the NTC, ****With commercial insertion capability

Via cable and satellite TV (Metro Manila-VHF)

All of these cable and satellite channels carry DWWX-TV 2 Manila.

Cable/Satellite Provider Ch. # Coverage
Dream Broadcasting System 2 Nationwide
Global Destiny Cable 6 Metro Manila
Las Piñas Cable 3 Las Piñas City
Parañaque Cable 3 Parañaque City
SkyCable 8 Metro Manila
Sunvision Cable 8 Taguig City
Cablelink 6 Metro Manila

-And selected cable TV stations and affiliates nationwide.

Via cable and satellite TV (Metro Manila-UHF)

All of these cable and TV satellite channels carry DWAC-TV 23 Manila.

Cable/Satellite Company Ch. # Coverage
Global Destiny Cable 17 Metro Manila
Las Piñas Cable 23 Las Piñas City
Parañaque Cable 23 Parañaque City
SkyCable 17 Metro Manila
Sunvision Cable 23 Taguig City
Cablelink 06 Metro Manila

-And Selected Cable TV Stations and Affiliates Nationwide.

Cable channels

International Subsidiary

-With selected cable TV stations and affiliates worldwide.

ABS-CBN Radio Networks

AM Radio Network

Owned and operated stations

Branding Callsign Frequency Location
DZMM Radyo Patrol 630 DZMM-AM 630 kHz Manila
DYAB Radyo Patrol 1512 Cebu DYAB-AM 1512 kHz Cebu
DYRV Radyo Patrol 1188 Catbalogan DYRV-AM 1188 kHz Catbalogan
DXAB Radyo Patrol 1296 Davao DXAB-AM 1296 kHz Davao

Affiliate AM stations

Callsign Frequency Location Affiliate Name
DZXE-AM 837 kHz Vigan Fairwaves Broadcasting Network
DWLV-AM 603 kHz Naga Bicol Broadcasting System
DYME-AM 684 kHz Masbate Masbate Community Broadcasting Corporation
DYTR-AM 1116 kHz Tagbilaran Tagbilaran Broadcasting Corporation
DXRH-AM 1080 kHz Zamboanga First United Broadcasting Corporation – defunct
DXSY-AM 1242 kHz Ozamis Times Broadcasting Corporation

FM Radio Network

Owned and operated stations

Branding Callsign Frequency Location
Alam Mo Na yan! 101.9 For Life! DWRR-FM 101.9 MHz Manila
MOR 95.5 Laoag For Life! DWEL-FM 95.5 MHz Laoag
MOR 103.1 Baguio For Life! DZRR-FM 103.1 MHz Baguio
MOR 94.3 Dagupan For Life! DWEC-FM 94.3 MHz Dagupan
MOR 93.5 Naga For Life! DWAC-FM 93.5 MHz Naga
MOR 93.9 Legaspi For Life! DWRD-FM 93.9 MHz Legaspi
MOR Daet For Life! On-Plan 92.7 MHz Daet
MOR 91.1 Iloilo For Life! DYMC-FM 91.1 MHz Iloilo
MOR 101.5 Bacolod For Life! DYOO-FM 101.5 MHz Bacolod
MOR 97.1 Cebu For Life! DYLS-FM 97.1 MHz Cebu
MOR 94.3 Tacloban For Life! DYTC-FM 94.3 MHz Tacloban
MOR 98.7 Zamboanga For Life! DXFH-FM 98.7 MHz Zamboanga
MOR 91.9 Cagayan De Oro For Life! DXEC-FM 91.9 MHz Cagayan De Oro
MOR 101.1 Davao For Life! DXRR-FM 101.1 MHz Davao
MOR 92.7 General Santos For Life! DXBC-FM 92.7 MHz General Santos
MOR 95.1 Cotabato For Life! DXPS-FM 95.1 MHz Cotabato

Affiliate FM stations

Callsign Frequency Location Affiliate Name
DYME-FM 95.9 MHz Masbate Masbate Community Broadcasting Corporation
DYPR-FM 99.9 MHz Puerto Princesa Palawan Broadcasting Corporation
DYTR-FM 91.1 MHz Tagbilaran Tagbilaran Broadcasting Corporation
DXAQ-FM 95.9 MHz Dipolog Times Broadcasting Corporation
DXWO-FM 99.9 MHz Pagadian Times Broadcasting Corporation