Globe UnliMail Promo is Extended!

Hello guys! The Globe UnliMail promo has just been extended! You can still try Globe UnliMail for free until April 14, 2010!

UnliMail is a Globe-exclusive service, where you can get to send, receive, and access your emails while on mobile, even without a laptop or an expensive business phone. With UnliMail, you have the power of email with the convenience of mobile. Whether you’re a heavy texter, an entrepreneur on-the-go, or if you’re just on vacation and you need to attend to urgent matters on your email, then UnliMail is just the service for you!

Here’s an updated list of the handsets that UnliMail supports:

The free UnliMail promo is extended until April 14, so go on ahead and register! For the power of email in the palm of your hand, grab this opportunity now!


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