Wanna be an Eloading Dealer? It is so easy! Be a Dealer by paying the Php 500.00 activation fee. Yes, the activation fee is only Php 500.00 in order to become a Dealer, no initial load wallet requirement. (LoadWallet reloading through SMART Money, G-Cash or Bank deposit)

This is the country’s first Universal Loading Distribution Platform that enables any SIM card (personal SIM card, any retailer SIM card or U2 SIM card) to dispense prepaid airtime loads and prepaid cards.

Retailers(FREE) – main sales force of DEALERS. Can sell load wallet to traditional SMART E-LOAD retailers aside from the regular prepaid electronic loads and electronic PIN.
Dealers (P500)- can activate unlimited number of retailers. Earns from sale overrides. Can also earn by selling SMART Load wallet to traditional SMART retailers. But can not sell prepaid e-loads and e-PINs to mobile users. UNIVERSAL PREPAID PINOY vs. OTHERS
Compared to other Universal Prepaid Loading System, UPP empowers its retailers to be SMART load dealers without the inconveniences of monthly quota, cash bond, etc.In effect, UPP retailers are automatically SMART load dealers.They can sell SMART load wallet to traditional SMART retailers which other universal loading system does not provide.


1. Get your SIM card activated

2. Buy UPP load credits

3. Download a copy of the product list and start selling!


  1. ELOADING DEALER: Activate UNLIMITED RETAILERS!!! You can charge them P100 per retailer activation! You will also earn OVERRIDING COMMISSION per transaction or your retailers!
  2. SMART LOADWALLET DEALER: Sell SMART LOADWALLET to all SMART RETAILERS at 3.5% income! THE HIGHEST compared to other eloading company today.
  3. Sell eload to ALL Networks at 10%-16% income.

***After your payment, we will ACTIVATE your CURRENT SIM CARD as a DEALER! Your DEALER PACKAGE/KIT will be delivered to you via LBC within 2 days.
***PACKAGE includes Manuals for DEALER and RETAILER and Tarpaulin.
*THIS IS NOT NETWORKING!! You are very much ASSURED that this is a STABLE COMPANY!
*No P1.00 charge for BALANCE INQUIRY

***UPP is a product of MEGA Cellular Network Inc., a company
engaged in the marketing of mobile phones and related products since July 1990. MEGA Cellular Network Inc. has been recognized as an exemplary company with dedication and strong faith to be on the pinnacle of telecommunication product excellence.

Payment Options:
1. GCash

2. Bank deposit (BDO)

3. SMART Money

Contact Seller:

1. Thru email: [email protected]

2. Thru SMS: 09224140296