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Different Genres.

One Name.

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SAP 2nd tranche to be given after validation of beneficiaries

March 14, 2021 Uncategorized

DAVAO City June 17, (PIA) – The second tranche of the Social Amelioration Program subsidy will be given depending on the validation of beneficiaries and the final encoding of the social amelioration card, according to Department of Social Welfare and Development XI Director Grace Subong.

She explained that the validation involves looking closely on the duplication if the person received two or more services from government.

Subong stressed it is the policy of the government to ensure that every citizen received one service alone from the government be it through the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, Department of Labor and Employment or through the Department of Social Welfare and Development under the declaration of the national health emergency.

She noted that the beneficiaries of the first tranche are encouraged to register their names in the Relief Agad application, in order to immediately report their corresponding data to the DSWD.

Subong clarified that it does not mean that once one has registered in the Relief Agad app, he is automatically a recipient of the second tranche.

“In this application, the information given will be subject for validation, since this information is the one written on the social amelioration card.  The process is faster and centralized” she said.

Subong explained based on the guidelines, it is better if the beneficiaries will enlist their names on the Relief Agad app to hasten the processing since the regional file is connected to their central office file.

However, she said if the person fails to register in the app, it does not mean that he will no longer receive the second tranche of the SAP subsidy.

“It is just an option to speed up the processing of the names since the data is available even at the central office,” Subong said.

She further explained that there will be two modes for the distribution of the subsidy under the second tranche of the SAP.

Subong said that there will be direct payment, especially for areas not accessible because of the absence of the internet.

“Lack of internet access hampers the use of the reliefagad app,” she said.

She stressed that reliefagad app is an option for areas with internet access.

“We have to situate the regions in the country that have geographically isolated and depressed areas which necessitates direct payout since the internet is inaccessible.”

She noted that part of the beneficiaries of the second tranche of the SAP are those certified by the municipal social welfare officer and validated as left outs by the local government units.

“Based on our data, we have a total number of additional or left outs in Davao Region at 103,432 while 685, 547 first trance beneficiaries.  Based on Executive Order 112 signed in May 1, and the memorandum order issued by Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea, in May 2, Davao City which was under ECQ will be included in the second tranche.  However, left outs outside Davao City, will only receive only a month subsidy equivalent to P6,000,” Subong said.

She underscored that altogether, the additional number of beneficiaries and the first trance beneficiaries will receive the subsidy under the SAP. (PIA XI-Joey Sem G. Dalumpines)

source https://pia.gov.ph/news/articles/1045092

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