Different Genres.

One Name.

One Soul.

One Addicition.


Different Genres.

One Name.

One Soul.

One Addicition.

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PCOO, PIA, DICT launch unified website for COVID-19 info

March 14, 2021 Uncategorized

QUEZON CITY, July 21 (PIA) –The Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO), in partnership with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), will launch Monday the Laging Handa Unified Website in its beta version, harmonizing all information from different sources and giving the general public easier access to information.

Partner developer Dashboard Philippines created a Content Management System (CMS) and administrative interface for the unified website, which is powered by the Philippine Information Agency (PIA), for easier and efficient interface.

The DICT also ensures the security and privacy of the website against internal and external threats.

As recommended by the Inter-Agency Task Force Technical Working Group for Anticipatory and Forward Planning, the Laging Handa Unified Website will be designated as an official platform for all Covid-19-related matters.

The website features the 4Ks: Kalusugan, Kabuhayan, Kaayusan, Kinabukasan — explaining the government’s whole-of-nation approach in beating the pandemic.

It also acts as a guide to direct the public to the information they need to acquire based from the 4Ks.

“Kalusugan” provides epidemiological data of Covid-19 cases, Covid-19 case maps, advisories and issuances from the Department of Health.

“Kabuhayan” Tab contains direct links to other government programs which are relevant to jobs, cash assistance, and other economic advisories and safety nets.

“Kaayusan” Tab provides practical information for interzonal and intrazonal guidelines, timeline of government policies and actions, and #DismissDisinformation, which debunks unverified reports and other forms of disinformation that may affect the overall unified response to the Covid-19.

Finally, the “Kinabukasan” Tab, contains list of government projects which aims to help the country rise as one.

There are sections explaining guidelines for the incoming school year, the Balik Probinsya program, small business wage subsidy programs, and the Bayanihan to Heal as One Act accomplishment and transparency tracker.

The website also contains frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding Covid-19.

It also features government resolutions, issuances, memorandum, and guidelines.

It also contains news, presidential briefings, and Laging Handa briefings.

PIA Director-General Ramon L. Cualoping III emphasized the importance of having a unified message and a streamlined communication platform such as Laging Handa.

“The Laging Handa Unified Website will provide accurate information in the time of Covid-19. This will fight fake news and disinformation that only foster panic in people,” Cualoping said. “This is in line with our mandate as government communicators. We will Explain, Explain, Explain, until we kill the virus called fake news.”

The website can be accessed thru: <laginghanda.gov.ph>, <wehealasone.gov.ph>, or <covid19.gov.ph>. (PR)

source https://pia.gov.ph/news/articles/1048163

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