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Different Genres.

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DSWD-XI cites SAP accomplishments

March 14, 2021 Uncategorized

DAVAO CITY,  May 22 (PIA)- An official of the Department of Social Welfare and Development XI revealed that as chief implementer of the government’s cash assistance program under the pandemic, the agency has already responded to 96.27 percent non-Pantawid beneficiaries and 97.31 percent on Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino recipients receiving subsidies under the Social Amelioration Program (SAP).

Speaking in the Philippine Information Agency XI Virtual Presser, Grace Subong, director of the DSWD XI said overall the DSWD has already served a total of 99.36 percent equivalent to 260,945 PPP families and 659,958 families for the non-PPP families in Davao Region.

She said the Davao City and the two areas namely Panabo City and Sto. Tomas in Davao del Norte remain challenging because of the downloading of funds in Panabo City and Sto Tomas through fund transfer, and Davao City, where the DSWD leads the pay-out.

Subong said Panabo City has 77 families for pay-out within the week, at 99.69 percent accomplishment while Sto Tomas remains at 74.10 percent distribution where it still needs to pay-out 3,923 families.

“Just the same, because of the challenges, like the finalization of the lists and the presence of the people who are not eligible to receive the subsidy, they have to go through careful assessment of the beneficiaries,” she said.

Subong said that the DSWD XI personnel on the ground pledged to finish the distribution within the week.

She said that the partial official distribution in Davao City is 92.76 percent with 21,000 individuals still needin financial assistance through the SAP.

Subong said the DSWD XI has committed to deliver the SAP within the week, and the support of the barangay government is greatly sought.

She said the delay in giving out the SAP in Davao City is due to the presence of those who are disqualified from the lists and duplication of the services rendered.

Subong said the DSWD XI ensures that the real beneficiaries will receive the subsidy.

“There were those who returned the subsidy upon realizing that they are recipients of the Tupad program of the DOLE, and the amount is bigger compared to the SAP.  Because of that, many returned the funds and since the financial assistance is already allocated to Davao City, the funds have to be given especially those found to be left out in the barangays,” she said.

Subong said that with this challenge, the DSWD XI with the City Social Services and Development Office and Councilor Edgar Ibuyan, Sr. as the Association of Barangay Captains’ president met and guaranteed to complete the payout.

She clarified that the Department of Labor and Employment XI has initiated the Tupad Program to Davao City which may have a counterpart since it gives higher assistance to the local beneficiaries compared to the regular DOLE Tupad program.

Subong said that under the DOLE’s Tupad, a beneficiary only needs to work for ten days and they received P396.00 per day while the Davao City’s Tupad is higher.

“Many Tupad beneficiaries who were earlier identified as SAP beneficiaries returned the money, Tupad pays more than the SAP,” she said.

Subong said the Tupad gives P11,000 compared to SAP subsidy which is only P6.000.

Many COVID-19 cases did not affect the delayed distribution of subsidies, as the DSWD XI ensures to deliver its service to the people.

The DSWD XI coordinates with the City Health Office in conducting subsidy distribution in high risk areas, where 187 families were given financial assistance.

She said the 21,000 left are people who did not show up during the payout schedule.

Subong said there were beneficiaries identified in the validation.

“In the validation, it is the responsibility of the barangay to identify those eligible to received the subsidy.  However, because of the absence of the data base of the profile of the barangay, it is hard to find out if the pronouncement of people is true or not. The barangay gets the information, but there are those who really try to dupe the authorities just to get the qualification,” she said.

The DSWD XI detected it through careful evaluation of the beneficiaries.

She wished that for the last time, the people will eventually receive their financial assistance for the first tranche.  (PIA XI-Joey Sem G. Dalumpines)

source https://pia.gov.ph/news/articles/1042623

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