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Different Genres.

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DILG urges streamlining of processes for stranded residents

March 14, 2021 Uncategorized

DAVAO City June 2 (PIA)- An official of the Department of Interior and Local Government XI underscored the streamlining of processes in dealing with stranded individuals from the barangay to the police as the city caters to modified community quarantine areas while maintaining its general community quarantine status. 

Alex Roldan, regional director of the Department of Interior and Local Government in Davao Region said they have agreed with the Police Regional Office XI to shorten the procedure to avoid the crowding of people and prevent the transmission of the COVID-19 infection.

He cited the initial role of the Barangay Health Response Team (BHERTs) is to conduct the health screening and the subsequent issuance of medical certificate and for the regional director of the Philippine National Police in the area to issue the corresponding travel authority.

“The police must issue the travel authority because they have the capability to verify,” Roldan said.

Locally stranded individuals are advised to process these requirements immediately starting with the barangay. The barangay is duty-bound to provide guidance to stranded individuals.

It is applicable only to stranded individuals who are leaving Davao Region to other regions of the country and those from other regions passing through the Davao City International Airport.

These requirements are not compulsory for inter-region travels except for an ID and certificate of employment.

Roldan said that sadly, regulations agreed by the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases are subject to various interpretations when implemented on the communities.

He noticed many local government units are focused on setting up checkpoints than addressing the infection on a medical perspective which is to avoid gathering of people which defeats the social distancing.

“They require passersby even with IDs to log their names, using the same form, the same building consequently, they are crowding in the checkpoints,” Roldan said.

The criss-crossing of persons in the borders cannot be avoided because the economies of Davao Region and nearby areas are interconnected.

Delaying the people with requirements is as good as killing their livelihood.

Roldan said regions post these requirements to ensure that locally stranded individuals are clean, clear and COVID-free.

“It is not much a concern if the person travels within the region only,” Roldan said.

He reminded local government units that setting up checkpoints is not a total guarantee that a COVID-case can never enter in the area.

Roldan stressed the checkpoints will only delay the entry of the COVID-case in order for the area’s health care system to accept in the event someone turns COVID-19 positive.

“The solution is within the community by stepping up its mechanism to ensure effective contact tracing from the puroks to the barangays to the towns by staying home, wearing of masks, hand hygiene and social distancing,” he said.

Roldan suggested to the travelers not to complicate the situation by delaying their trips since the country is still operating in a controlled environment.  (PIA XI-Joey Sem G. Dalumpines)


source https://pia.gov.ph/news/articles/1043671

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